Activities and Family Activities in Belgium

Belgium is without a doubt the #1 beer country in the world. There are so many different local beers and there’s so little time to taste them all:P But that’s of course not the only reason for visiting Belgium, although strolling through Bruges after a few ‘Brugse Zotten’ really seemed to make the experience even more magnificent. Did you know Belgium actually has three official languages? Most know about Dutch and French but there’s also a small portion of the country that speaks German (about 1%)’. One of the best activities in Belgium would be to taste the wide variety of craft beers. You could also eat some of the tasty Belgian Chocolate and last but not least – enjoy a Belgian waffle. You could also visit some wildlife parks and if you are the adventurous type – the theme parks there leave you breathless.

Theme Parks in Belgium

Theme Parks

From the world’s most thrilling rides to wildest water attractions and some of the best animal parks in Europe, Belgium has an incredible variety of theme parks. No matter where you live in Belgium...
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Tours in Belgium


The Belgian capital is one of Europe's lesser-known gems, yet it's fully worth a visit. In addition to some of the best waffles and chocolates worldwide, the city boasts an amazing array of things to see and do.
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Zoos and Wildlife Parks in Belgium

Zoos and Wildlife Parks

As for zoos and animal parks in Belgium, one would probably recommend to visit Pairi Daiza in the region of Mons, since it became more and more famous with its yearly themes and diverse animations.
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